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移民部指出,IEC共有三大类别:一是打工度假(Working Holiday);二是专业青年(Young Professionals);三是国际合作实习(International Co-operation Internship)。加拿大与全球32个国家及地区签署这项互惠协议,以利双边交流。(>>>立即咨询)

值得注意的是今年申请人除了缴纳150加元参加费(participation fee)外,申请打工度假“开放工签”(open work permit)者,还需额外支付100加元签证费。

申请“专业青年”与“国际合作实习”签证到加拿大的海外青年,若需“指定雇主工签”(employer-specific work permits),其雇主需先向移民部递交所需的聘雇信息,并缴纳每人230加元的“雇主规费”(employer compliance fee)。申请人只要缴纳150加元参加费即可。


Notice – Promoting Reciprocal Agreements through International Experience Canada

Ottawa, February 24, 2015 — International Experience Canada (IEC) is opening its doors today for the 2015 season. IEC provides young individuals the opportunity to travel and work in Canada. IEC is also available for Canadian youth who want to travel and work abroad.

Canada has reciprocal agreements with 32 countries and territories. In the coming weeks, Canada and its youth mobility exchange counterparts will begin opening their programs. Please check the CIC website to find country opening dates as they become available.

IEC has three streams; Working Holiday, Young Professionals and International Co-operation Internship. Visit the IEC section for more information on the three streams available to Canadian and foreign youth.

Please note that starting this year, in addition to the $150 participation fee, a new fee of $100 will be introduced specifically for open work permits delivered to Working Holiday applicants.

Foreign youth coming to Canada in the International Co-op and Young Professionals categories receive employer-specific work permits. In these cases, their employers must submit the required employment information, along with the new $230 employer compliance fee to CIC before the foreign youth can apply for a work permit. These IEC applicants are still required to pay the $150 IEC participation fee with their application.

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